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We’re proud winners of the “Ottawa House Painters” according to HomeStars.
We won our clients #1 Ottawa Painters votes and a perfect 10-star rating because of our “commitment” to perfect craftsmanship, affordable pricing, integrity, and timely communication updates.

Thank you HomeStars. Thank you clients. Thank you.


Our 4 Commitments to You

  1. We’ll instantly give you an accurate estimate on pricing and scheduling.
  2. We’ll honour our estimate and “scheduling” by starting on the day we committed to and complete the job on time all within budget.
  3. We’ll paint professionally by respectfully starting each day on-time in a uniform and by quietly getting to work right away for a perfect quality finish.
  4. You’ll love your finished painting. Guaranteed.

Trusted by Property Managers

3rd Generation Family Business

Our grandfather and uncles were/are Ottawa-area construction business owners. Painting homes and businesses while professionally managing construction is in our blood.

We have a combined 24 years of professional construction management, trades, and painting experience. With expertise ranging from working on small repair jobs all-the-way to $1M+ construction projects.

As two young entrepreneurial brothers, we started PerfectPRO Painters because we wanted to raise the standard of painting excellence in Ottawa and we love to see overjoyed homeowners’ faces when we’re finished.

We’ll treat your painting project like it’s our own family home or business, by respectfully painting and finishing the project to perfection.


Justin Assaly | PerfectPRO Painters

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Trusted by 100s of Ottawa Homeowners

Susan Armstrong | Homeowner
Rae Ost Accountants in Toronto

"A complete exterior painting was done on time, professionally and well done...they overcame a built-in obstacle with a solution that might have cost me $1,000. Smartly thinking outside the box."
Marie Garceau | Condo Owner
Jen Sietsma

"The work was excellent, from start to finish. Extremely professional, polite team. Arrived on schedule, and completed on time."
Don Stewart | Stewart Property Management

"I use PerfectPRO Painters for my Property Management business and their work has always been completed with superior quality and customer service."

Three Reasons You Want to Work with Us


Perfect Quality Painting

With a combined 24 years of painting and trades expertise, we’ll skillfully apply premium-paint for a flawless and gorgeous finish.


FAST Ottawa House Painters

We’ll quickly complete your painting project because we efficiently plan and passionately paint.


Painting Done on Time

We’ll start and finish the project on time, so you can plan your life and/or other trades with ease.

We Strive for World Class Service

Skilled Painters

Professional Project Managers

Fixed Prices

Constant Communication

Airless Spray Experts


Guaranteed Lowest-Price & Highest-Quality

Price Match Guarantee

No one outmatches us on price for an identical painting project.

If you have an official quote from other Ottawa House Painters, we’ll quickly be able to tell if we can match it or give you a lower price!

1 Year Warranty

We provide a 1 year warranty on workshipman.

Additionally, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the finished painting, let us know and we’ll make it right.

Choosing the right professional painter in Ottawa will help you achieve the look you desire for your home or business. And you don’t need to break the bank in order to get the professional-quality results you want. This guide will answer all of your most pressing questions so you can choose the best painting services for you.

Painting is one of those tasks that appears simple until you actually do it. Then you realize why “professional” painters are called upon so often. It’s easy to notice when a room is painted professionally versus when it was a DIY project because imperfections are easy to spot. Plus experienced painters can guide you to make the right decisions on color, finish, and decorative elements.

The right painting company in Ottawa can transform your vision into reality in ways that you probably wouldn’t even consider on your own.

Your home (or business) is an expression of you, and a beautifully painted environment can lift you up. So, spare yourself the effort and invest in painting services you can trust. This guide will help you find the best Ottawa painter at a price you can afford.

How Much Does an Ottawa Painter Cost?

When it comes to knowing how much an Ottawa painter costs, the short answer is that it depends on the size of the room or building, and the intensity of the labor involved. Some painting jobs can take only a few hours to complete while others can take a few days.

Additionally, you’ll want to factor in the quality you are receiving and the tendency of certain companies to overcharge. On one level, you do get what you pay for, but some companies do take advantage.

Asses the Scope of the Project

Before you decide on your budget for hiring a painter in Ottawa, it is important to assess the scope of the project.

According to a cost guide in Ottawa, painting services can cost from as low as $100 to as high as $27,000, taking into account whether it is an interior, exterior, or full house painting job.

  • Size and Location – A professional painter in Ottawa will conduct an ocular inspection of the area prior to starting the job. The goal is to assess the size of the area, including the dimensions, as well as additional costs like labor and materials.
  • Materials Needed – This is an obvious consideration when pricing paint services and it’s only determined after the size of the space is calculated. The type of walls you have and the number of windows will also cause the price to go up or down. For exterior surfaces, the type of material will impact the cost since there are different processes involved to ensure that the paint will adhere properly.
  • Preparation Required – Painting a brand-new wall requires different preparations than an older wall that has already been painted. If wallpaper needs to be removed, of course that will add to the cost. A painter in Ottawa will take this into account when deciding on the cost of the project.
  • Type of Ceiling – The type of ceiling is also an important factor that Ottawa commercial painters will calculate when giving you a quote for the project. For example, textured or popcorn ceilings are popular with old houses in Ottawa. This type of ceiling must be removed and replaced before new paint can be applied. The time and amount of labor required can add to the cost of the project.

Look for a Price Match Guarantee

If you are worried about Ottawa painter costs and it is the only thing preventing you from hiring a pro to do the job, you’ll be happy to know that Perfect Pro Painters has a price match guarantee.

We are a third-generation family painting business that is committed to offering the lowest prices in Ottawa along with top quality work. We’ll match any price you receive from other house painting companies in Ottawa. That’s how you can ensure you pay the lowest price for quality results.

How Long Does a Painting Estimate Take?

Now that you are fully aware of what goes into the cost of a painting project, the next step is to get an estimate from a painter in Ottawa.

We make it easy; simply book an estimate through our website. This can be done in literally 10 seconds! The estimate can also be done virtually via Zoom or in-person if you want our professional team of painters to be able to thoroughly inspect the site.

Our team will take the accurate measurements of the area and our estimate will be given during the virtual consultation or the in-person visit. The time needed for the estimate depends on the scope of the project, but generally, you can expect it to take about 30-60 minutes.

We are committed to making the estimate process as easy and convenient as possible to help you decide if it’s a project you want to pursue. At the same time, it will help you assess your budget for the project.

An Estimate & Consultation in One

When you request an estimate from Perfect Pro Painters, you can also maximize the time by treating it like a consultation with a professional painting contractor as well. This is an ideal time to pick our brains about paint colors or finishes, trim suggestions, accent colors, and more.

As the painter walks through the area for the project, provide as many specific details as you can about what you are looking for. The more information you provide during the site inspection, the more accurate our estimate will be.

Based on the information you provided, the painter in Ottawa can assess the level of preparation needed before the actual paint work can begin. They’ll also be able to provide you with an estimate of how long the project will take to complete.

Is it Possible to Get Quality, Timeliness & Affordability in a Painter?

You might have heard horror stories about painting contractors that over-promise and under-deliver. That certainly can be an issue in this industry, however, it’s not the case with Perfect Pro Painters. We make it our goal to ensure you won’t have to deal with any headaches.

As a family-run business, we are committed to preserving more than 24 years of hard work and reputation in the painting industry. For generations, we have been the go-to option for painting in Ottawa because we offer not only quality, but also timeliness and affordability.

Since we are a family-run business, we treat every project as if it were our own home. We understand how important it is to you to have a space that your family can enjoy. That’s why we raise the standard in painting excellence by striving for perfection with every job we take on.

At the same time, we value your time. We show our respect to our clients and homeowners by completing the job on time without compromising quality.

And as we mentioned above, we have a price match guarantee. Not many house painters in Ottawa can make this offer, but we do. We want to show our clients that you won’t have to pay more in order to expect quality results. It is part of our commitment to keep your services budget-friendly so you can increase the value of your home.

Do House Painters in Ottawa Offer Warranties?

A professional house painter should; but the thing is, not all painters do. We are the exception to that, though. Perfect Pro Painters provide warranties on all of our painting services.

A warranty is a must when looking for professional painting contractors for your home. It gives you confidence that the quality of work delivered is up to the standard that was promised at the time of booking. If not, the contractor must touch up the work free of charge. It spares the client from having to shell out additional cash in order to cover for repairs or a poor-quality job.

When looking for a painter in Ottawa, it is important to seek a company that offers a warranty as it speaks volumes about the company’s commitment to quality and customer service.

The length of a warranty ranges, so be sure to tune into that before choosing a painter. You’ll want a warranty that will be honored for months to come. At Perfect Pro Painters, we offer a one-year warranty on all of our services.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Family Business to Paint Your House or Business?

At Perfect Pro Painters, we are a family business and we’ve served homeowners and businesses in the Ottawa area for almost 25 years. This speaks volumes about our longevity as a business and the quality we deliver.

There are several reasons why hiring a family business to do your painting job is advantageous. A family-run business or painter in Ottawa can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Stability – Family-owned businesses have a legacy to protect, and they are committed to preserving that legacy by continuing to provide their clients with high quality service that will keep customers satisfied and ensure repeat business.
  • Commitment – A family-run business also provides a level of commitment that is incomparable to other types of businesses. For a family business like Perfect Pro Painters, this is our main source of livelihood. We want to be able to stay in business for as long as possible, so we give our full commitment to every painting job for higher customer satisfaction.

Flexibility – A family-run business is also flexible, and we can accommodate every client request that is within reasonable means. As a professional painter in Ottawa, we handle all kinds of painting jobs – big or small. And we view difficult projects that most painters would turn their backs on as a challenge.

Are There Hidden or Unexpected Fees That Come Up When You Hire a Painter?

This is the beauty of working with a family-run business like us. We preserve our legacy as a professional and reputable painter in Ottawa by providing honest and transparent communication with our clients.

With us, you won’t have any hidden charges or fees. The moment you book an estimate with us and we provide you with a quote, you can expect to pay only the amount that we have agreed upon from the start of the contract.

If there are any changes to the initial cost estimate of the project based on unforeseen obstacles, we will communicate them to you beforehand. That way, you can work out if it is within your budget or not.

We value and respect your hard-earned money. Therefore, we make sure to maintain that transparency from start to finish. That’s why we have managed to thrive in this industry for as long as we have.

Our honesty and transparency makes us one of the most trusted companies for those looking for a painter in Ottawa.

Final Thoughts

If your budget is tight, it might be tempting to give in to the idea of a DIY house painting project. However, finding the right professional painter in Ottawa will dispel the false idea that you have to pay a large amount of money in order to get the best professional-quality painting results for your home or business.

A family-run house painting business like Perfect Pro Painters offer the flexibility you need in terms of your budget. You can take advantage of offers like our price match guarantee in order to get the best price for the highest level of quality.

If you’re ready to get started on your house painting project, book a free estimate with us. This will give you an idea of how much to budget for your project. And with our warranty, you can rest assured, knowing that the investment you make to freshen up your home will pay off in the long run.

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